Friday, November 13, 2009

Do We look Beyond Beggars!

Every day and night, as the traffic lights turn from 'Red' to 'Green' or vice versa, another episode in the mundane lives of street beggars start and begin. 'They' are in every fashion, ugly, wretched, nauseated, filthy beggars, yet poor and dependent to the core.

To a city based person, these people make the cities ugly. You and I cannot like them for we are far above from them in every ranks, atleast that's what we think about. I am a part of the society that considers begging to be a social evil, and I pray that one day it ceases to act.
But, I have seen people considering begging to be a pictorial scene of our India. To them a SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is nothing but bloody India, where still we ride on elephants to office, where it is Malaria infected and kids never go to school. Thus, human existence seem still to be in a dark world.

Some how in India begging has an image of respect since many people in olden days unknowingly claimed they would bring up children even if they have to beg or borrow and charity too is encouraged by many religions.

This has lead to rampant begging around places of worship. Many beggars may be able bodied and capable of even manual work but lazy and find and easy way out. Ours is country of contrasts- one side crorepatis are growing in huge numbers and other side poverty is increasing. There is no sincere effort to discourage begging and make them self-reliant.

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