Friday, November 20, 2009

The 'Backless' Theory of Kareena Kapoor

No offence to all those lovely women and girls. I love and adore beautiful women, and to an extent would pray that I date quite a few before I die and go to heaven. And, in heaven, date those beautiful angels.

Trust me! as Akhila tells me: what is Raj if he is not dating? :) Once such prominent personality, and a much talked celebrity is Kareena Kapoor, soon to be affiliated as Saif-leena. I would ask "Miss, what is with your backless theory?"

Seriously, I am all sickened up of watching news channels who have nefarious business but to showcase 'how much is too much' for Kareena. All the channels talk about the bold scenes and her backless postures in Bollywood flick, KURBAAN. But then, it is the adage of marketing:"sex sells', and I am sure we buy it.

There is something inherently sexy about the display of a woman with a sexy unfettered back. Awakening to see the vision of a shapely female naked back, one can easily be transfixed by the sheer beauty of what is surely one of the most sublime aspects of the feminine form.

The contours, outlines and the unblemished skin are all pure poetry in motion.

And so it is at parties, sure your standard cleavages, leggy-ness and pertness will win many admirers, but watch a creature enter any room in an elegant backless dress and the warning signs are on - men and women get drawn to the top of the neck downwards as the woman is quickly elevated to femme fatal status.

A simple backless dress is sure to dazzle. It’s a guaranteed show stopper. Of course, it has to be reasonably well-fitted dress as any slack will retract from the full effect.

I am sure a backless Kareena Kapoor may be the talk of the tinsel town, but then it is the provocation that makes it more striking. I do not find it something big, but then if it makes a statement then be it.

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