Monday, November 02, 2009

To Delhi with Love!

I love this city-Delhi. I love everything about it. Be it the beautiful Delhi rains, or the wondrous escapades of morning life, there is everything that a human being longs for.

My love for this city begun when I came as a baby boy in mama's arms. We were in the trip to North at that period. I think dad took us to Delhi, Agra, Dehradun, Rishikesh and so on. To me these are not mere places that I visited, but beautiful moments that I keep on reminding myself.
I woke up early today, had managed to get a decent late night sleep in the flight. Jet Airways have always taken great care of passengers. The frequent trips earned me lot of friends and especially a beautiful JetAir hostess..oh! that is another story. Maybe some other day.

I am sitting in this park and looking at the passerby. Some are jogging, some trying to warm their bodies with an early cup of tea and of course, some love birds romancing. I jogged a little bit, not that I have an athletic body, but it is in these period that I manage to capture DELHI in my lenses. Yes, I love photography.

Had not my ex-girlfriend stopped me in Bangalore, I would have been selling moomfallis in Agra or Delhi. Someone actually told me the other day.

Delhi is a historical place; everything seem to happen here. We got Independence here...a walk down the isles takes me to Red Fort, where I can feel myself as a proud countryman. I do not think I am patriotic. No one can call themselves patriotic because we are too busy in this materialistic world to even care about our nation.

We are a bunch of selfish, self-obsessed Indians who wants a pie for them first. How can we be different? I do not know. Delhi also happens to be a place of foodie. Oh! right from Reshmi Kabbabs in Chandni Chowk to Biriyani of Nizamuddin.

I actually freaked out here a few years back with Sonal, who used to work in a call center. We used to come in groups and spend awesome nights sipping coffee and talking..just talking. I am told by few people that I do speak well. That's one of the reasons, I get my coffee sponsored.

I have a program in some hours, but then I wanted to write this. I just wanted to thank this city for all its beautiful histories. It is not always a guy like me gets nostalgic, but then 'Sex' and 'Raj' are good when they are high. So, let me say adios. I am gonna run for my show, and as usual this time it will be with pride. God bless!

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