Sunday, November 08, 2009

My Guide to a Man' Wardrobe

Let's admit it today: few men have got a taste for good women, and those who do, have a good wardrobe. You may be wondering why did I start of the topic with wardrobe and how does it play in identifying and managing good women. It is not a rocket science, but years of experience made me come to this logic.Na! I am not that papa-sugar-daddy of yours,I am pretty good in taking notices and identifying it.
The first time, I started living on my own and had a girlfriend, she was furious at the way I kept my clothes. On her pressure, I admittedly started taking notice of my wardrobes. And, as time rolls on, with few more feets touching my abode, I discovered them noticing my wardrobe then anything in my room first. So, I decided to put my wardrobe straight into the living hall. Don't tell me later about the danger.

I am not a specialist of clothes, but I generally manage to keep a decent wardrobe. The first thing that you should know is that your wardrobe needs to have in-season colors and clothes. So, if its summer, I would like to see some good-tshirts in there. Maintain a good casual attire of trousers and formal shirts. For people who perspire a lot, good deodorant is a must. Keep it right next to your set of watches.

And because, it's the time of Winter season in India, I chose to keep a party jacket, a blazer and a pullover. If you fancy wearing scarfs, you can buy one from Provogue or Proline showroom. It looks really good.

My wardrobe has always a Black shirt since I love the color. It is sexy and very appealing. So, go for it always.

Wardrobes are the most important item of furniture in your bedroom, bar the bed, so they must look good. Most high street stores now do a good range of wardrobes that have a fashionable look, but if you want something extra special think about buying an antique, or you could get one custom made.

It's fashionable to have a string bikini these days for men. Keep all your innerwears nicely tucked. I suggest Jockey and Levis. And, the colors that I choose are again Black and White.

Maintain a nice wardrobe. It just makes a very good impression. Over to you, Caroline!

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noyonika said...

Entertaining. I follow your blog regularly, and must say, each one it fills me with joy. I have a request: Can I have your cell no? ---Riya