Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have been 'in' and 'out' of relationships since the age of 18, and thankfully the tears have dried up for me to shed anymore. It makes me an emotional fool in my friends circle, where until today, my friends have never accepted that I had not slept on my first date and that it happened with me: Love. But it does.

Same with Soha and Emran in TUM MILE. Both of them have been emotional fools, Soha to an extent clearly demonstrates that Bharati naari, be it living in Capetown has no issues in sacrificing her career for her live-in-partner chauvinistic Emran. I feel such men are jerks of first-rate, who except that their girls should be running and caring their luggage everywhere.

But, what struck me in this movie is how important is to 'talk' in relationships. At times, when a couple has been seeing each other, they quite frequently ask each other both online or offline " say something' or 'you say'. Often, it makes the other person especially woman impatient. A man on the other hand seeks an excuse to come out of the meeting.

I think it is imperative for a man to share things with his girl. It is where, a good sense of humor comes into picture. Often, in difficult times, as seen in the movie, a crack of joke during the climax relieves the tension.

I think eyes talk a lot; maybe a girl understand the importance of love through the eyes of a man. In this movie, Soha was constantly trying to look into the eyes of Emran and search love there.

I agree that today' generation are calculative in love. We think much more before taking a decision to get wed unlike our parents. The habit of Live-in relationships did not come all of a sudden, but was borne out from the issues of compatibility and financial constraint. But, then can a relationship of today run like our parents for next 25 years?

I am not very sure for a very simple reason- today no one is willing to continually sacrifice for the other. Tell me will you for your partner for 25 years do it? Be honest!It is a nice movie, though became a little dramatic in the end, but then it is Bollywood.

If you love someone, be sure to let her know, but also, understand that you have to respect each other priorities for all throughout your lives and not changed all of a sudden.

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