Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Fear

You think of situations and maybe the last thing that comes to your mind is FEAR. Yes, fear that strikes a round of anxiety and a sort of commotion that starts making you feel nervous.

Situations that can be left out of box, but suddenly with little objects and earmarked actions, it becomes suddenly dangerous and before you know fear creeps in from nowhere.You start associating yourself with each and everything that has some dark elements attached to it. Before, you know, you are scared.
Meet Neelam, a student of DPS school, New Delhi studying for her board exams. Her parents have gone to a neighborhood wedding. Unlike in Western cultures, it is extremely important that Indians attend their neighborhood weddings and every sort of rituals as a customary thing. Normally, you feel that this also brings gossips to the board tables.

Anyway, after a prolong two-hours of studies, Neelam was thirsty. She went to grab a glass of water. As she opened the refrigerator, there was a thud beyond her back. The door banged! she thought it can be just a flip of wind. It did not get into her nerves yet, but the second time, she went out, the fear struck.

She came back from the bathroom and found something, somewhere misplaced. She could not understand for a second, if she had been feeling the after effects of her drugs. There she had kept her book in the table, but then it was lying across the chair. What the freak! she hooted a scream. The rocking chair was not stationary anymore. She was scared now. She was perspiring. She had no idea what to do. The only place that she felt safe was beneath the bed.

Neelam was reading a book, which had first few lines consisting of words: Thirst, cat, doors and chair. I am not sure if there was really a supernatural figure present in that room, but it definitely was an emotional response to a threat.

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