Friday, November 06, 2009

Tears of Love

It is not always that I get upset and start crying. Infact, I am hardly a person to shed tears. But, today it rolls.I am very upset today,and I could not even imagine what went wrong.

After all, it was a decision taken by two matured people. How can then I be so stupid and feel bad about it? Why, why, and why?
It's been a few years that I have broken up with her, and we never kept in touch with her except a few pleasantries.But, when I saw her today with her beau, a chill went through my veins. I could not stand there seeing her with someone else. Is there something still between us? Am i jealous? Naa! it cannot be.

I can only come to this conclusion that I am an emotional guy. I made love with her and spent a great deal of time in exchanging ways to life. She gave me her everything, and was so loyal that this fool could not understand what is 'life without her presence'. It's true that we have come a long way. I have had girls in my life after that, and she has moved on the same.

But, I still think, you feel an emptiness in your heart no matter whomever occupies it. I am gonna miss you. Guess! it was love.

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